1. Invite candidates to complete an assessment

To do so, navigate to the Invitation Links tab in the app and click +Create a Link . Then copy the link and send it to candidates - it's that easy.

You can embed the invitation link anywhere, such as in your job application or in an email to candidates.

Learn more here, including examples of how to explain Suited to candidates: Referring Candidates for Assessment


2. Group candidates using an applicant pool

Applicant pools allow you to upload lists and groups of applicants to Suited to easily filter and export them from Suited. They also enable the platform to automatically follow-up with candidates who haven't yet completed an assessment, a critical step to drive high completion rates.

To create an applicant pool, navigate to the Applicant Pools tab in the app and click + Create Applicant Pool. Then paste all of the email addresses from your applicant list (e.g. from your ATS) into the applicant pool.

<aside> 👉 It is critical that all candidates are uploaded to Suited via applicant pools at least 72 hours before results are needed to allow Suited to follow-up with missing candidates.


Learn more here: Managing Applicant Pools


3. Find the highest potential candidates

From the Candidates List tab, all candidates are sorted based on their Probability of Being a High-Performing Candidate. This single data point compares the candidate's assessment results to high-performing employees to determine their probability of being a high performer at your firm. Learn more here: AI models

Filter the list of applicants to those that meet the criteria you're looking for. For example, you can filter by applicant pool, probability, education, or demographic information. Learn more here: Candidate Lists and Filtering


To view more detail on each candidate, click their name to open each candidate's detail page. Learn more here: Candidate Detail Page and Resume