Suited generates a detailed Candidate Detail Page for every candidate. This page explains why a candidate is predicted to succeed at your firm, or why they may not be the best fit, based on the information gathered by Suited.

Learn more about how Suited determines candidate probabilities here: AI models

To access the Candidate Detail Page, simply click anywhere in the candidate's row on the candidate list page/home screen.

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You can also view the candidate's resume by clicking Resume within the pop-up window.

Probability of Being a Top Performing Candidate

The platform provides an equitable, evidence-based Probability of Being a Top Performing Candidate for each candidate. This single percentage will succinctly tell you whether or not a candidate has a high probability of being a good fit for your firm based on the factors measured by Suited.

<aside> 💡 The probability enables you to consider each candidate more holistically and accurately, with less bias than a traditional resume review.


The Top Determining Factors

The Top Determining Factors listed on the Suited Candidate Detail Page are the most relevant and meaningful traits the algorithm identified for a specific candidate. Use these to understand why they are predicted to have a high or low probability of success.

Essential Competency Scores

The ECA scores measure job-related skills:

How to best use this information

Consider the Probability Percentage and the Top Determining Factors before looking at a resume. This will allow you to: