The data tells us that traditional selection criteria, like GPA, is often not predictive of on-the-job performance. That's because, for example, GPA is a measure designed to be predictive of success in college or graduate school, not in a particular job.

<aside> 💡 In fact, choosing a candidate based on their GPA typically increases the likelihood of hiring a strong performer by only 4% over completely random selection.


Suited's probability percentage is statistically more predictive, and less biased, than other forms of candidate selection criteria. On average, Suited improved clients' accuracy identifying high-potential candidates by 10-20x over traditional resume screening. See here for more information.

Finding the highest potential candidates from your list of target schools

  1. Refer all target school applications to Suited
  2. From the candidate list, filter by your target school(s) or specific applicant pools
  3. Export the highest potential candidates, pre-sorted by probability percentage
  4. Commit to only interviewing the top candidates in this list, or making final hiring decisions based on the probability percentage

Discovering the highest potential candidates from Suited's public talent pool

  1. From your candidate list, filter by "Suited-Sourced" in the Other Filters tab
  2. Export the highest potential candidates, pre-sorted by probability percentage
  3. Add these candidates to your interview slate

By relying on the probability percentage instead of GPA, you will build a much higher quality interview slate in a fraction of the time.

<aside> ⬆️ Clients have reported a 75% increase in speed of candidate screening using Suited's predictions