Applicant pools are lists of email addresses from your applicant tracking system that you upload to Suited.

<aside> ‼️ It is critical that all candidates are uploaded to Suited via applicant pools at least 72 hours before results are needed to allow Suited to follow-up with missing candidates.


Applicant pools allow you to organize candidates within Suited for easy sorting and exporting. They are designed to be flexible to align with your current recruiting process.

<aside> 💡 You could create applicant pools by open position, by hiring office, by school, or however you segment your recruiting process.


Applicant pools also enable Suited to automatically follow-up with candidates on your behalf who may not have completed their assessment.

<aside> 💡 Once a candidate email is added to an applicant pool, Suited automatically follows-up with applicants whom have not yet signed-up or whom have not completed the assessment.


Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 3.41.09 PM.png

<aside> 💡 Note: candidates can be added to more than one applicant pool. They will only receive this invitation to connect and set of reminders the first time they are added to a pool.


Creating an applicant pool

  1. In the recruiter app, navigate to the Applicant Pools tab.
  2. Click + Create an Applicant Pool and name your applicant pool.
  3. Copy all email addresses from your list of candidates (e.g. from an ATS export) and paste them into the form. The form will check to ensure only valid email addresses were added.
  4. Click Save.

<aside> 👉 Applicant pools are limited to 500 candidates at this time. If you have a list with more than 500, we recommend splitting the list into chunks in similarly-named applicant pools. You can join them together when filtering and exporting.



Viewing candidate statuses

You may view the status of all candidates added to an applicant pool by clicking the 🔽 icon. The statuses are as follows: