To determine a firm and candidate’s drivers of performance, the Suited assessments measures the following traits and values:


<aside> 💡 Please note, the profile of what drives performance is different at every firm. For example, the highest performing bankers at one firm might score very low on the competency of Tradition (meaning they are more likely to challenge norms and look for new ways to do things), while high performers at another firm may score very high on that trait (meaning they tend to be more oriented towards executing tasks they way they were trained). You should answer authentically for yourself, as finding the firm that best aligns with your preferred working styles will give you great chance of building a successful career at the firm.


The assessment also considers a candidates stress response style. Importantly, the assessment is not measuring whether you are capable of managing stress, but rather your preferred methods for doing so. These are styles that measure personal preferences for handling high-stress situations such as tight deadlines, changing priorities, and hostile environments, and include: